Can ovarian cyst be mistaken for kidney stone?

ovarian cyst

An an ovarian cyst be confused with kidney stones? Actually, doctors today are said to be unlike those of the past. However, even though the answer to this question may be blunt from a doctor’s point of view, you should ask yourself: Is your doctor someone with experience qualified to make an accurate diagnosis?

It is not possible to confuse an ovarian cyst with kidney stones unless it is due to malpractice.

On the other hand an it’s good to know that if there can be cystic kidneys. single cyst in the kidney is often harmless. If it becomes too large, it can be removed by surgery. It should not be confused with a cyst kidney: in this case the kidneys are filled with several cysts. The cysts become more and more numerous over the course of a lifetime and displace the kidney tissue.

The kidney can then no longer function properly. The cysts are diagnosed by ultrasound. Cyst kidneys are usually inherited, so, unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent them. The cystic kidney is one of the most common hereditary diseases. In old age In severe cases, dialysis or organ transplantation may become necessary.

You should consider your diagnosis very well, as this is key to correct treatment. A cystic ovary is not the same as a cystic kidney. If your doctor gives you a diagnosis, try to get good advice and seek more information about it. You should not trust a doctor, as if he were God.

Besides this, cysts in both places have different consequences and even different symptoms.

For example, ovarian cysts often cause pain in the pelvis, which can be a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. While kidney stones cause problems with urination, back pain, fever, etc., so do cysts in the kidneys.

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