How To Cure Kidney Stones And Ease The Pain Naturally (Home Remedies)

How to cure kidney stones

Home remedies help with small stones

Kidney stones are a common condition and not for nothing are many people feared. They can cause extreme pain and cramps within a very short time. Therefore, especially in the case of large kidney stones that are lodged in the urinary tract, a visit to a doctor is unavoidable. This prevents further consequential damage such as urinary retention or kidney failure.

If it is a small kidney stone that only causes mild symptoms, the removal of the kidney stone can be made easier with some home remedies. There are also some preventive measures that can be taken. If you want to know how to cure kidney stones, you need to know what could be causing this problem.

If you want to know how to remove 8mm kidney stones naturally, this is the right place to learn how to destroy them permanently.

Lack of fluid as a cause

The development of kidney stones can have various causes. In most cases, however, an increased concentration of certain substances such as calcium or oxalate in the urine is responsible for the formation of small hard crystals. This happens in particular due to existing fluid deficiency. Anyone who repeatedly suffers from kidney stones or who is plagued by a small kidney stone should drink plenty of water to dilute the concentration in the urine and flush the urinary tract. It is recommended to drink up to 4 litres daily for existing stones and at least 1.5 litres daily for prevention.

In general, a doctor should always be consulted in case of complaints. He or she will determine whether there is a possibility that the kidney stone could come off on its own. To facilitate this process, patients can do the following at home:

-take in a lot of fluid
-good nutrition
-enough exercise
-Drug prevention in case of increased tendency to kidney stone formation

By understanding how these stones can be formed, you can now have a better perspective on how to cure kidney stones.

Nutrition plays an important role

Many people with this problem wonder how to cure kidney stones But don’t consider this factor so important, wants to know how to get rid kidney stones but he doesn’t want to give up that troublesome diet. Nutrition has a considerable influence on the formation of kidney stones. Among other things, calcium that collects in the urine can lead to the formation of calcium stones if there is a lack of fluid. However, a diet low in calcium is not necessary here, as this in turn ensures that a lot of oxalate reaches the urine, where it also causes the formation of kidney stones. Only additional calcium preparations should be avoided. The following foods contain a lot of oxalate and the excessive intake should therefore be reduced:


In addition, it is recommended that the following points be observed to prevent the development of kidney stones:

-eat with low salt
-to use plant proteins instead of animal proteins
-Avoid alcoholic beverages

Instead, a diet that is not too low in calcium and at the same time rich in magnesium is recommended so that no further kidney stones are formed and existing kidney stones do not become enlarged. Therefore it is better to use the following foods:

-Milk products (but not too much milk)

How to get rid kidney stones: These drinks help with existing kidney stones

See how to remove 5mm kidney stones naturally

According to some studies, cranberry juice is said to be very good for kidney stones, as it reduces the calcium content in the urine. Lemon juice or orange juice increases the citrate content in the urine, which counteracts the formation of crystals by calcium. Alternatively, a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can be prepared. While the lemons break down the calcium in existing kidney stones, olive oil helps to excrete the debris. Apple cider vinegar is also very popular among home remedies to combat kidney stones. Apple cider vinegar stimulates kidney activity, which in turn helps to flush out the stones. For this purpose, about two spoons of the vinegar should be mixed with water and drunk several times a day. Stinging nettle tea is also suitable for the treatment of kidney stones, as it has a similar effect to apple cider vinegar.

Another drink that increases fluid excretion is celery juice. This is also known to counteract pain and cramps.

Herbs and plants

If you are looking for how to remove 14mm kidney stone is because he has a stone that is no longer small and can cause a big problem if he doesn’t do something in time.

A variety of herbal remedies can help with kidney stones or for their prevention.

Basil not only relieves pain, the plant is also known to relieve cramps and facilitate the elimination of kidney stones. Watermelon seeds are also popular in the fight against kidney stones. These ensure more urine production and help to flush the urinary tract. The seeds should not be eaten whole, but they can be crushed and easily mixed into drinks. Radish also goes to the throats of kidney stones, and parsley also has a positive effect on the elimination of kidney stones. Other naturopathic remedies such as horsetail preparations or dandelion tea can also help.

Lots of exercise helps

Kidney stones are not only caused by a lack of fluid or an unfavourable diet, a lack of exercise can also promote the formation of stones. Therefore, in addition to a healthy diet, it is very important to get enough exercise to prevent the formation of crystals. Exercise is also very important for existing kidney stones. Often patients spare themselves due to pain. Exercise can help the kidney stones to pass more quickly through the urinary tract. Easy bouncing up and down is suitable for this purpose, and climbing stairs can also help the stones to leave the urinary tract. However, if you feel unwell and unable to perform these movements, you should not force your body to do so.

In case of pain and cramps it can also be helpful to put a hot water bottle on the stomach. Warming up brings relief to many sufferers with kidney colic.

How to get rid of kidney stones at home

Kidney stones are small crystalline deposits in the kidney, which can be caused by an excessive concentration of certain minerals such as calcium. They are often caused by malnutrition (too many oxalate-containing foods) and insufficient fluid intake. They can already be effectively relieved with old household remedies. The same applies to the smaller kidney stones: Since they are only a few millimetres in size, they can usually be dissolved within a few weeks with a little patience and the appropriate natural remedies.

In addition to the generally diuretic and kidney cleansing home remedies, there are also those that are better suited to the chemical composition of the stone in question. If you want to know more about this, you should collect the stones excreted via the urine and give them to a specialist or laboratory for determination. The majority of kidney stones consist of calcium oxalate.

Patients who have a predisposition to the formation of stones can prevent their development with certain kidney stones household remedies. Surely if you are a person who does not have much money to go to a clinic, you look for a home remedy, then you desperately wonder how to remove the kidney stones, this may be the final question, but you should ask yourself about prevention because this can also help you remove existing stones or prevent their growth.

Old kidney stones Home remedies for prevention

Anyone who has had kidney stones before and is afraid of getting them again – they can form again at any time if they have a corresponding genetic predisposition – or anyone who is basically afraid of suffering from kidney stones later on should use at least one of the old household remedies listed below on a daily basis.

Most of them can even be applied over longer periods of time or even permanently, as they are purely natural and have no side effects. However, the prescribed dosage should be adhered to. This is the only way they have the intended preventive effect.

– Cranberry juice increases the citrate content of the urine and can thus effectively prevent kidney stones. If the old remedy is too acidic, it can also be replaced by lemon or orange juice.

– The intake of sufficient milk and dairy products can also protect against kidney stones. This is the result of a US-American study. The high calcium content binds the oxalic acid contained in some foods, which is a component of many kidney stones, already in the intestines so that it does not even reach the kidneys. However, the calcium should not come from tablets, as they can even promote the formation of stones.

– It is also necessary to restrict seasoning with salt. It is also absolutely necessary to avoid the very salty fast food and ready meals, packet soups etc. Too much sodium chloride promotes the elimination of calcium and thus the formation of kidney stones.

– Foods with a high magnesium content, such as avocados, dark green leafy vegetables (not spinach!) and rice, also help prevent stones. The mineral is also able to bind oxalates and thus quickly remove them from the body.

– In order to reduce the risk of kidney stones, it is advisable to change one’s current diet to an alkaline diet or at least to a diet with an excess of bases. The greatest possible avoidance of animal proteins in the form of meat and fish leads to a reduced purine intake – which in turn reduces the level of uric acid in the blood. And this prevents the development of kidney stones. Instead, one should rather consume many alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruit.

– Another risk factor in people who are prone to kidney stones is overweight. With a reduction diet, the person concerned can prevent this.

– Absolute no-goes include oxalate-rich foods such as spinach, rhubarb, beans, strawberries, blueberries, nuts, chocolate, cocoa, beetroot, as well as offal, pork and oil sardines. Green tea and black tea also contain oxalic acid. You should definitely avoid them if you want to prevent kidney stones.

– Regular consumption of Kombucha tea can also be helpful.

– Two cups of corn tea a day have a strong draining and at the same time anti-inflammatory effect and can prevent kidney stones.

Tried and tested helpers from nature

If you want to remove smaller kidney stones, there are various teas and other natural home remedies available. They can be prepared with little effort. The ingredients are available in health food shops, pharmacies and natural food stores. Some products can also be bought in the normal supermarket. It is important that you follow the recommended dosage and use the household remedy daily for at least several weeks. Many of the household remedies can even be used at the same time.

– In principle, the following applies: In order to eliminate kidney stones more quickly, the affected person should drink at least 3 litres of still mineral water daily in small sips spread over the day (not for heart disease!).Water. Brewing time before straining and drinking: 5 minutes.

– Birch leaf tea also helps to dissolve and flush out kidney stones. Pour 1 tablespoon of birch leaves with 250 ml of hot water and drink 3 to 4 cups daily for 3 weeks.

– Dried marshmallow leaves or dried sea holly roots are also a good household remedy. They are also boiled with hot water and should be covered for 7 minutes. Recommended daily amount for rinsing out kidney stones is 2 to 3 cups of tea.

– To treat kidney stones, press 4 whole cloves of garlic and boil them briefly in 500 ml red wine. The brew is then left to stand for 30 minutes, strained and bottled. One drinks 1 shot glass daily when sober.

– A combination of lemon juice and olive oil also rinses out the kidney stones. One drinks 1/2 cup of it 3 times a day with plenty of water. In addition the freshly squeezed lemon juice is mixed with 1/4 cup of olive oil. The household remedy helps to break down excess calcium and dissolve the stone. Within a week of the first application, the first stones should be found in the toilet bowl. After that, pause for a few days and continue taking the product as usual.

– 4 times a day 1 glass of lukewarm water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can also help. If the health-promoting drink is too sour for you, you can sweeten it with honey.

– 1 whole pomegranate and at least 1 glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice daily also promote the rapid elimination of the stone.

– Radish has a kidney stone decomposing effect. Eat one whole radish a day or puree it together with its leaves and press it into radish juice.

– Watermelons and their seeds also ensure that the stones are eliminated more quickly. Pour 1 teaspoon of their seeds in 1 cup of hot water, leave to infuse for 15 minutes, strain the tea and sweeten with honey. The drink is drunk 2 to 3 cups a day for several weeks.

How to ease kidney stone pain at home (Treat pain with kidney stones naturally)

People who have kidney stones usually don’t notice them at all. Only when they become too large, sit in an awkward position or cause injuries inside the kidney, do they cause colicky pain that can radiate into the abdomen and even the legs. But even in this case, old kidney stones can help household remedies. But be careful: Difficulties in urination and urinary retention must be taken care of immediately by a specialist!

– For example, a healing earth compress can help against kidney pain caused by stones. You get healing earth from the pharmacy, mix it with water and then apply the paste as thick as a finger on a cloth. Place the poultice in the kidney area and cover it with a permeable cloth. It should only be removed when the healing clay is warm.

– A boiled potato mash, placed on the back at the level of the kidneys, also has a pain-relieving effect.

– Painful kidney tissue damaged by the rubbing of kidney stones can be treated by taking in a lot of vitamin A. It is contained in apricots, pumpkin, melons and broccoli.

We hope with these brief tips to teach you how to ease kidney stones pain. In the midst of the great difficulty of enduring this pain, you may ask yourself the question how to cure kidney stones fast but you’ll probably need to relieve the pain first.

How to remove the kidney stone by food

You can learn how to get rid kidney stones through what you eat, we made that clear a while ago in this article. In the previous section of this article, we showed you how to get rid of kidney stones at home, in this one we talk a little bit about this topic of food, but we want to go a little deeper into it. There is no magic food that can help you instantly remove kidney stones, this must be absolutely clear, but certainly, there are foods that help you prevent them and with the help of much liquid (water) these stones could disappear if they are small.

Correct diet to avoid or help dissolve kidney stones: Avoid kidney stones through diet

The risk of kidney stones forming repeatedly is relatively high. The risk of kidney stones forming can be clearly prevented with preventive measures. These include:

-a daily fluid intake of two to three litres
-low-protein and low-salt, fibre-rich diet with lots of fruit and vegetables (which inhibits stone formation)
-the achievement and maintenance of a normal weight (without radical diets)
-sufficient movement

Whether someone has drunk enough can easily be determined by the colour of the urine: If it is thin and very light, almost like water, the amount drunk is sufficient – this urine can practically not form kidney stones. It is therefore important to drink regularly. It is best to place one or two bottles of mineral water in a clearly visible place, for example on a desk. In this way, you will not forget to drink fluids even in everyday stress and can prevent kidney stones.

How to remove large kidney stone from bladder

In the case of ureteral stones between 5 and 10 millimetres in diameter, certain drugs for muscle relaxation (alpha blockers) can help them to be eliminated. Larger stones usually have to be removed. Depending on their position and size, they are crushed with ultrasound waves, removed endoscopically or by a minor operation.

How to cure kidney stones. Natural remedies: Simple Remedies for Kidney Stones (10 remedies)

Kidney stones are a very common health problem. They form chemicals in the urine, such as uric acid, phosphorus, calcium and oxalic acid. Other common causes of kidney stones are excessive vitamin D intake, mineral imbalance, dehydration, gout and poor diet.

Regardless of the size of kidney stones, they can cause severe pain. Other symptoms include a desire to urinate frequently, painful urination, nausea, vomiting and excessive sweating.

In addition to conventional medications, the majority of cases can be treated with natural ingredients. Many will also help prevent stones from developing in the future.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. If you drink eight to 10 glasses of water and other types of fluids a day, the colour of your urine will become clear, which is a good sign.

Although we have previously mentioned superficially how to cure kidney stones with natural remedies, here are the best natural remedies for kidney stones and best way to cure kidney stones naturally. Also, see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Olive oil
The combination of lemon juice and olive oil is traditionally used as a home remedy to expel stones from the gallbladder, but it can also be used to treat kidney stones. The citric acid in lemons helps break down calcium-based kidney stones and stops their growth.

– Take four tablespoons or one cup of fresh lemon juice.
– Add an equal amount of olive oil.
– Drink this mixture, then lots of water.
Do this two to three times a day for three days.

Caution: This remedy may not be suitable for the passage of large kidney stones. Be sure to consult a doctor before taking this remedy.

Cider Vinegar
Cider vinegar helps dissolve kidney stones. It also has an alkalizing effect on blood and urine.

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water.
Drink this several times a day.

Both the seeds and pomegranate juice have astringent properties that can help in the treatment of kidney stones.

– Try eating one pomegranate or drinking a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice a day.
– You can mix a pomegranate in a fruit salad, for example.

Nettle leaf
Nettle leaf helps to maintain water flow through the kidneys and bladder. At the same time, nettle leaf helps prevent the formation of stone crystals and keeps bacteria away from the body. Nettle tea will also enhance the benefits of water by acting as a natural diuretic.

– Add two teaspoons of dried nettle leaves to one cup of hot water.
– Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then drain.
Drink two to three cups of nettle tea a day for several weeks.

Basil is considered a kidney tonic and is therefore good for the overall health of the organs. Basil can also help induce expulsion of kidney stones from the urinary tract.

– Mix one teaspoon of basil juice with one teaspoon of honey.
– Take daily in the morning for five to six months. If you don’t like the taste of honey, you can take pure basil juice or chew two to three basil leaves daily.

Another option is to drink basil tea.
– Soak five to six basil leaves in boiling water for about 10 minutes.
– Add a teaspoon of honey and drink this tea when it is cold.

Watermelon is an excellent way to treat kidney stones composed of calcium and magnesium phosphates and carbonates. The potassium found in watermelon is an essential ingredient for healthy kidneys. It helps to regulate and maintain the level of acid in the urine.

Along with the potassium, watermelon also contains a high concentration of water, which helps eliminate stones in the kidneys. Eating watermelon regularly can greatly help in the treatment as well as prevention of kidney stones. You can take watermelon seed tea as well.

Wheatgrass juice
Wheatgrass juice is very effective in the treatment of kidney stones and other kidney diseases.

You can take a glass of wheatgrass juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of juice extracted from basil leaves.

Take two to three times a day.
Wheatgrass juice is a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, amino acids, chlorophyll, and B vitamins.

Whole grains
According to a study by the American Society of Nephrology, diets rich in whole grains have been associated with a reduction in kidney stones because they contain sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre. In addition, the insoluble fibre found in wheat reduces calcium in the urine because it combines with calcium in the intestine.

Therefore, it is essential to eat foods that are high in fibre when you have kidney stones.
When it comes to fibre-rich foods, nothing is better than bran flakes. Fibre will help get rid of calcium in the urine, which reduces the risk of kidney stones. One bowl of bran flakes can provide 8 mg of fibre.
So to reduce the risk of kidney stones, eat bran flakes daily.

Whole grain foods such as bread can go a long way to reducing your risk of kidney stones.
Whole grain breads are a rich source of nutrients, fibre and protein with magnesium.

A glass of raw celery juice can help relieve the pain of kidney stones due to its anti-spasmodic properties.
Celery juice helps eliminate toxins that contribute to the formation of kidney stones. In addition, celery juice is also a diuretic, which means that it increases the volume of urine and helps eliminate kidney stones.

Drink a glass of celery juice every day to prevent more stones from forming.
You can also use celery seeds to treat kidney stones. Drinking herbal tea made from celery seeds can help treat kidney stones that result from the build-up of uric acid.

Being high in fibre, beans can be effective in the treatment of any type of kidney or bladder problem, including kidney stones.

– Remove the pods inside the beans, then put the beans in hot water.
– Simmer the water over low heat for hours until the beans become soft and tender.
– Strain the liquid and let it cool.
– Filter the liquid again.
Drink several times a day to relieve kidney pain.
This liquid should not be stored for more than 24 hours, otherwise it will lose its therapeutic properties.

If your condition does not improve with this first aid, consult a doctor.

Can beer cure kidney stones?

This conviction is widespread. What is certain is that alcohol has a slightly diuretic effect, i.e. it is hydrophilic. This means that beer flushes the kidneys well and any stones could come off. However, the body dries out after this alcohol-induced flooding, the urine thickens and the stones can become larger.

The diuretic effect of alcohol therefore disturbs the body’s mineral balance. That is why drinking beer is not a good idea for stone ailments. Alcohol-free beer is much more recommendable. It is isotonic, i.e. similar to blood in the composition of its particles and therefore optimally compensates for fluid loss – with the healthy components of beer, but without the harmful alcohol.

People usually when they ask how to remove stones in kidney , think about habits, foods or drinks that they like, unfortunately this drink (beer) cannot be used as a medicinal excuse to cure kidney stones. Even if you were wondering how to remove 3mm kidney stone, beer might not be useful either, although we think this is a very small stone.

Most common sizes of stones that can be generated in the kidneys

It’s usually common for people to look for how to remove 5 6,7,8,9,10,11,13, and up to 14 mm kidney stone because these are the most common sizes, but there can be much larger stones, they can grow considerably faster if you do not make changes in your diet or lifestyle.


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