Kidney weakness (chronic): prognosis and prevention

Course and forecast

In men and older people, kidney function usually deteriorates more rapidly than in women and younger people. The level of blood sugar and blood pressure also influence the course of chronic renal insufficiency: the higher the blood sugar and blood pressure, the faster the renal function deteriorates. The disease is also more severe in smokers and overweight people.

In principle, the earlier a chronic kidney weakness is detected and treated, the greater the success of a therapy. The need for renal replacement therapy can then be postponed for up to several years. However, a complete cure of the disease is usually not possible.

Prevention & Protection

High blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are the most common causes of chronic kidney failure. A well-adjusted blood pressure and blood sugar are therefore the best protection against chronic kidney weakness.

In most cases, chronic kidney weakness is gradual and slow. Especially in the early stages, when the progression of the disease could be halted or at least significantly slowed down, the affected persons hardly notice any signs of the disease. As a result, they often consult a doctor much too late. Kidney experts therefore recommend having a urine test performed annually by an internist. The earlier a kidney weakness is detected, the better it can be treated.

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